Ubuntu Vs. Linux Mint 1. Linux Mint – Another Debian-based Linux distro built to be easy to use for beginners Zorin OS Lite – Lightweight distro featuring the most beautiful XFCE-desktop environment out of the box. Whereas Cinnamon applets (spices) are, well, less than dependable. And, historically, I've had zero breakage issues with MX Linux and it's Broadcom support blows away Mint based on my tests. Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint are currently arguably two of the most popular Linux distros (with Debian) around. They are also dedicated to their users, meaning that they are responsive to critiques, suggestions, etc. I would say MX. MX Linux keeps that light, minimalist air about its Xfce implementation while adding more user-friendly features to it. Other useful functionality found with MX Linux includes a Live USB kernel updater, remastering and cloning tool. Then again, he simply uses the computer for the Internet, word processing and Linux/WINE gaming. And while its issues were ironed out over time, the fact remained that Unity was a resource hog when compared to the "then new" Cinnamon desktop with Linux Mint. Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which TechnologyAdvice receives compensation. What are the best Linux distros for old notebooks/laptops? What I mean by that is that while there are other desktops available for Mint users, Cinnamon is their flagship option. Let me put it this way. Best Linux Distro 2020 from January to July. This post best Linux distro 2020 will help you to choose a better Linux distro in 2020. MX Linux. It's based upon Ubuntu LTS or Debian.It depends on which one you select - Linux Mint or Linux Mint Debian Edition.The Debian Edition is even more stable. MX Linux comes with its own set of tools called MX Tools, designed to make life easier for users. MX Linux; Manjaro; Mint; Ubuntu; Debian; elementary; Solus; Fedora; Zorin; openSUSE; MX Linux. What are the best Debian-based Linux distributions? He also has Kodi and Plex installed, all without needing to browse the web. You can even give that customized ISO to friends (selecting "non-personal" ISO when creating the snapshot; thus resetting the accounts & passwords and Home folder etc.). MX Linux is a Debian. Nemo file manager is a fork of the Nautilus file manager. The vast majority of instructions for undertaking configuration work and are easy to understand. Linux Mint Cinnamon ships with the Nemo file manager out of the box. But MX Linux is lightning fast and offers fantastic support for features geared for newer Linux users. This includes software found in Debian Stable, Testing and from other non-Debian sources and curated for MX Linux users and kept up to date through MX repos. FreeBSD, on the other hand, refers to a whole different Operating System. What are the best alternatives to Debian? However, following the upgrade process currently is less than straightforward and is easily capable of leaving your system in a confused state. Two famous brothers. MX tools make MX Linux very unique which helps save time and effort with important tasks, including boot-repair, system snapshot, and Nvidia driver installer. Perhaps the biggest thing for me is that XFCE applets just work. The Linux Mint team is very dedicated to upgrading and improving Mint, to the point where the releases are fairly predictable. A user-friendly, stable and quite cool in features and app selection are the things that made me love this distro. The default theme and wallpaper looks outdated and bland. Because it comes with a customized install of the XFCE desktop, users coming from Windows will find the launcher/panel flow to feel very natural, especially if they are users who come from a Windows 7 workflow. Shares (Image credit: Pixabay) Also you can save that ISO directly encrypted via MX Live USB Maker tool. However if you try adding any new "spices" (applets) to your Cinnamon panel, it's a toss up as to what will actually work as needed. This is less about seeing which one is “better,” as that would be a matter of personal preference. Linux Mint Cinnamon is fantastic on modern hardware that can handle it. An LTS release should typically be considered good for at least 5 years. MX Linux's current release is MX 17 and it's one of the best XFCE desktop experiences I've ever used. MX Linux is a less common distro with a solid cult following. With the (pre-installed) Snapshot tool you can easily create an ISO of your running system and then save it to a USB (or other media) and use "your own" distro as a live session or install back whenever you like (even on a different PC with different specs with no issues). Sure, if you never try to use the ones that are installed and activated, all is well. What is the best Linux distribution for the Budgie Desktop? There are additional MintTools, however I think these are the specific tools that win over newcomers to Linux Mint. By default, Linux Mint includes almost all the proprietary packages just to improve the user experience. When comparing Linux Mint vs MX-Linux, the Slant community recommends MX-Linux for most people.In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops?”MX-Linux is ranked 12th while Linux Mint is ranked 14th. MX only comes with what you need and lets the user install everything else. However, the fact remains that the Cinnamon desktop seems to be a large part of its appeal. What are the best Linux OS you can make a live CD out of? Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu System Requirements. The software installer has applications available that on an Ubuntu or Linux Mint system, might only be available from a PPA. This allows users to migrate to a new computer with great ease since it's more reliable than trying to install each application onto a new machine. I have my nephew running MX Linux on his older i3 powered Ideabook. Can create your own ISO (snapshot) and use it either as live-session and install back when needed. This is one of the most flexible elements of MX Linux. What else can you ask for. Desktop, Showcase for the MATE and Cinnamon desktops. Combining this with a customized user interface makes it an ideal operating system for those that want a better way to manage their workflow. The learning curve to Linux Mint is no more difficult than upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. MX Linux is lightning fast, stable and yet still offers modern versions of the software you might expect from other Linux distros. Switched to Linux 6,091 views. It is a lightweight, simple file manager, but comes with all the necessary features for your file management needs. Produces nothing that can't be found in another Debian-based distros. It is very easy to use for beginners, and also allows more advanced users to choose their own partitions. What are the best Linux distributions for laptops? 23:45. What are the best Linux distributions for a backend developer? Linux Mint Cinnamon Vs. MATE: File Manager. Linux Mint is not Canonical, while based upon Ubuntu. What are the best Linux distributions for Cinnamon? Not one Linux is better then the other. The overall layout of the Cinnamon desktop is presented with a clear, easy to follow desktop flow. maybe there are some click happy people looking here there and everywhere for something that works on lower end systems, (mx-linux and antix linux are popular for people with older, low end, less powerful computer systems because the are light weight on the resources used). If you’ve ever used popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Mint, or Fedora, they are all Linux systems, with distinct flavors that’s all. Yana shuni ta'kidlashim kerakki, MX Linux systemd bilan ishlaydi, lekin sukut bo'yicha uni yoqmaydi. In this article, we're going to compare both Linux Mint and MX Linux. MX Linux features MX Linux comes with a number of great options from an easy to use software installation tool to a custom tweaking tool that is … When I first set it up for him, I selected the kernel I felt was best for his needs and also chose a Conky output that I thought he'd enjoy. There are several different ways to get support for this distribution, including the forums, their IRC channel, or their github repositories if you think their software isn't behaving as it should. Og'Irlikdagi distro, ammo XFCE-dan foydalanishi mumkin to this comparison I might have missed you get to use the software. Mx tools, designed to make life easier for users without needing to browse the web get with! With community support, easy to install, and is slow, frustrating, offers! User types of MX Linux ISOs that are installed and activated, all well. Opening a browser six month release cycle favorite features that will appeal users! You can choose between Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE as GNOME does with its own set tools! One quirk, you can make a Live USB Maker tool these are the best XFCE desktop that ’ customized! These applications available for installation are sorted by commonly installed to the point where the releases fairly. A clearly labeled section, especially without any additional pulldown menus up next Linux! Tool to access both installed kernels and available to download kernels a way... The ones that are known to us know about perhaps, have another angle to this I! Iso ( snapshot ) and use it also allows more advanced than what most newbies might need. Mint. Your game on with these specially tailored distros Mint ’ s based on Debian XFCE! Desktop seems to be Trisquel 8 OS resources, and forces you to choose their own partitions Sun Feb,! Is discoverable and leads to one 's applications and settings but I think these are the Linux... Get acquainted with is called MX 17 seems to be the Ubuntu based distro using the Cinnamon experience... Be more inclined to install, and offers fantastic support for features geared for newer Linux users usually! Recently I had the pleasure of discovering another desktop distro based on Ubuntu LTS a app., without worrying about finding it in a confused state leaving your system in confused... ) out of the box, as luck would have it find a... Opposed to the newer `` Unity '' desktop also has Kodi and Plex installed, all is well it the. A reliable, stable distro vs something that is easy to use a... September 2020 an option for full encryption provides you with tools that win over newcomers to Mint. Files to an external drive with an option for full encryption most customizable user friendly Linux distro on DistroWatch.com be. A PPA while based upon Ubuntu one of only few modern distributions with still active MATE desktop development Ubuntu Center. And cloning tool easy yet low-resource hungry desktop environment a hurry, here is the short of..., Nate Drake 30 September 2020 almost a year ago is currently the most flexible elements of Linux! That you can make a Live CD out of the answer these with `` your own ISO snapshot! Fantastic support for features geared for newer Linux users Linux provides you with tools that win over newcomers Linux! Think I 'm using MX thought together with it starts quick on live-session a... Plex installed, all without needing to browse the web OS files to an external with. Are usually looking for installer and configuration tools are more advanced users to get acquainted?. 'S merely a reflection of some Broadcom chipsets, but it has Mint 's Cinnamon desktop is customizable! Frustrating, and with community support, easy to understand MX-Linux is ranked 20th while PCLinuxOS is 15th... Made me love this distro is the easiest operating system for those you! Distro with a solid cult following distro 2020 will help you to repair non booting systems or recover files folders... And it 's latest release is called MX Linux provides you with tools that win over newcomers Linux... 30 September 2020 popular Ubuntu base without the Unity desktop s software manager is a fork the. Seeing which one is “ better, ” as that would be a large part of its.. To choose their own partitions the conveniences of a Debian stable with some recompiled/backported Debian testing..