I am a film believer that what you give is what you get in return as far as human behavior is concerned. In the rush to get it done, only one son was available and my undaunted husband figured that was enough. I know of a few cases and it never ends up well. Even if they are able to do it, it is not necessary that it will get cleaned properly and all the dirt will be removed from it. In fact, she should inspire trustworthiness within you. A good loving wife and a caring mother is a cement that holds the family together under any circumstances. Thoughts On Easy Advice Of http://goodguyswag.com/the-wife-list-10-qualities/ […], […] continuing to grow to be it’s not a problem to help you sustain your conversing on. Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. The women support the men, because these are the only men who will go with them. That’s what every guy wants the most. Some of those things are more about what a woman needs in a man such as security and protection men so not need that from a woman. Some guys don’t even initiate a conversation with a girl, so how would he know whether “she can hold a good conversation” anyway? If he had he would be very careful to say those words. Sure worked for me. working or not working. So make sure she is “equally yoked”, and make sure you two have the same convictions. I definitely understand where you’re. Refined 3. They spend their whole day doing the works at home. I teach a guy’s teen bible study as a youth worker at my church and we just finished a study over relationships and marriage. Simple, yet insightful! Really? A wife who has good leadership skills can be a very good wife when she uses them to help the family. Point 7 - so if you are married and he isn't satisfied he will go elsewhere? Men are trying to completely rewrite life and relationships to fit it for them, so that women are reduced to nothing. I agree with you that both husband and wife are equal (but not so much in a ‘partnership’). No one’s perfect. to be all he can be. Therefore, to be a good wife, she must know completely about the people of the house. That’s what all the cool girls want these days. (Her husband’s matching “Wife List,” incidentally, makes special mention of attractiveness as an ideal wifely trait–he may dress […], […] Read the rest of the article at: http://goodguyswag.com/the-wife-list-10-qualities/ […], […] over 3 million views on The Wife List, goodguyswag.com has received emails from high school and college guys wondering about a girlfriend […], […] wondering how will I know if this girl is worth the trouble, perhaps you can take a look at this. At the same time I need him to respect my advice when I offer it. You must know where things are kept in the house and what are the respective rooms of the people that are living in the house. […], […] my mom met Kristen she loved her immediately, and that’s important as I mentioned in The Wife List. “Family” is a loose term here which could simply mean his support system. That is the problem of the world today, no sense of morality or respect. If that's how you'd like to live your life, go for it. Marriage takes a whole lot of it. Anywho, maybe i’ll go check out your wife’s list. A man will show you his a_ _ even if you bend over backwards and act like a low to the ground slave. Marriage can be great.You have to get to know each other first before,you get married.Your likes,dislikes,turn-ons or turn-offs.Communication is the key.Our looks and bodies will change as we get older it's a part of life for men or women.I've always said Love, Honor ...Negotiate. There may be friends or family members you don’t like, but not making an effort to get along with them can make life miserable for everyone. Im so happy to read your article, so I can be his best wife. I was married to a man for 9 years before we decided to have our first child. I believe as we have become older, it truly is getting harder! http://goodguyswag.com/30-characteristics-of-a-good-guy/, I’d say ignorance at its worse. I love and appreciate my husband and everything he does for me, just as he loves and respects me. What I want especially Im a mother of two I have two small boys and the thing about 1-in 3 of every child lives in a broken home. The greatest artist you know you'll ever meet. In India, the qualities of a good wife or the six noble virtues an ideal wife should have are summed up in the verse from Neethisaram: "Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri; Bhojeshu Mata, Shayaneshu Rambha, Roopeshu lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri, Shat dharmayukta, Kuladharma Pathni". So all I have to say is that when women are GOOD to their husbands, their husbands start to get too comfortable and forget their role to be good to THEIR wives. Tried making a list. even malcom X. all 3 shot dead BTW. . We do things for each other because we love and care for each other! But, a good leader never makes one feel subordinate, because he knows he cannot make decisions alone. Thank you. Take advantage of these love quotes for wife to make her heart melt! It is being practiced by all women who take care of their family in this world. It is a partnership, not a marriage rooted in who is in charge or not. If God made a point to instruct us in this way, we can only trust that it is in our best interest. So funny you can barely stand it. You know the old saying “don’t make the same mistakes I made”? I recently saw Matt at the Act Like Men Conference. Even though the husband works hard and earns for his family, wife is the one who has to take care of all it all by herself. I think what was meant by the statistic statement, though, is not that the male must be a tyrant and control freak in the relationship, but that a woman does tend to prefer a guy who takes leadership in a relationship because it shows he actually cares and isn’t some lazy couch potato. Being a good wife, makes your man a good husband coz part of being a good wife, is praying for your husband. What are the characteristics of a good husband? That is a position of great responsibility and love. Tho there is an equal partnership in the relationship, Men have the responsibility to lead their wives as Christ is leading them. You have the ambition and the drive. However, I think that men need to take a good look at themselves first if something isn’t going right. So trying to manage another person of different make up (man vs. woman, different family background, different interests and goals) is definitely more than a struggle. Anyway I just hope that God can restore the years the locusts have eaten away… Well He will, because He loves and has given me enough insight to break the dark strongholds of this wicked generation. I think people need to have a better understanding of what it means to be a follower. The kitchen is no good than a horse stable. Let’s try to figure some of them out. A good manager realizes that his/her primary responsibility is to identify the needs of the team, and to help it reach its potential. men to should work hard. If a guy is in a dating relationship, and it’s not working out, I would not give advice to get married as a solution. If He made Adam and Eve in His image and that system of partnership worked for them, why would it suddenly not work nowadays just because some women have become empowered and stubborn enough to think that they are now capable of ruling the world by themselves? Earlier this week, I wrote the article An Uncrafty Guy’s Guide to Making a Vision Board about keeping you visually focused on your dreams. Thanks so much for writing this article..your telling the truth here. I wasn’t too pleased when I turned that list on me, though. 7. Maybe “She should be smart” should be changed to “She should be well-rounded.” When I think of “smart” I think of someone who is sharp in their brain regarding their school studies. 8. There is nothing worse than incompatibility in a relationship that tears people apart. In this modern world where most wives also work, the above advice may not be fully practical.