The distinctive odor of the pickled bamboo can smell up the whole room. Unlike instant noodles, luosifen needs to be boiled, but only for 15 minutes. Usually sold at roadside stands or night fairs in Guangxi, river snail noodles received positive responses from customers across the country, which prompted its instant version that allows eaters to cooking it anywhere and anytime instead of visiting a physical store. Customer share their DIY river snail rice noodles. To cook this soup, you boil the noodles first, then add the ingredients of the soup base packets to boiling water. In terms of flavor, luosifen is sour, spicy and salty. River snail rice noodles give the city a new way out as the number of instant river snail rice noodle manufacturers has been mushrooming and the online market has been expanding. It is the most famous local snack in Liuzhou. Since the rice noodles are less starchy and the taste is cleaner, it can be paired with almost anything. An instant version helped cure one writer of her homesickness. The government of Liuzhou has been boosting a series of industries related to river snail rice noodle. Luosifen sales have also seen an average annual growth rate of 86% over five years, while sales in restaurants have surged by 12% annually over the same span, according to China News Service. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. The specialty, whose creation was listed as part of Guangxi's intangible cultural heritage in 2008, has become one of the most sought-after dishes after the hit documentary A Bite of China mentioned it in 2012. Several famous brands of river snail rice noodles, also known as "luosifen" in Chinese, were out of stock on Taobao, with some products only ready for delivery as late as April 10. They say there’s only one way to find a luosifen (螺蛳粉) restaurant: follow your nose. /Weibo. The product contains soy and peanuts and has a shelf life of 6 months. Luosifen is a good-looking dish with the collocation of different colored ingredients. River snail rice noodles give the city a new way out as the number of instant river snail rice noodle manufacturers has been mushrooming and the … Add the boiled noodles and simmer until it is soft. Nanshan area, Xingao Road Shenzhen Guangdong 541000, Instant Spicy River Snails Rice Noodle (LuoSiFen). (Xinhua/Huang Xiaobang), 9th China Harbin Int'l Ice-Assemblage Championship held in Harbin, New Year's Eve fireworks display in Australia's Sydney, Tourists look at giant panda at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, In pics: scenic spot in Daowai District of Harbin in NW China, Aussie firefighter killed after truck rolls in "fire tornado", High-speed rail connects Inner Mongolia, Beijing, China's new aircraft carrier designed, built independently, 010020070750000000000000011102351386766891. The first taste of the soup base gives you a tangy flavor, with a hint of spiciness. Combining traditional food materials of the Han people with Miao and Dong ethnic groups, river snail rice noodles, or "Luosifen" in Chinese, is a dish of rice noodles boiled with pickled bamboo shoots, dried turnip, fresh vegetables and peanuts in spiced river snail soup. This soup base gives your noodle soup an authentic Chinese taste that isn’t very common anymore. Discover China: Earthworms unearth benefits for rural China's poverty relief, China's Guangxi lifts 1.25 mln out of poverty in 2019, Sculptors take part in 9th China Harbin Int'l Ice-Assemblage Championship, Industries related to river snail rice noodles boosted in poverty alleviation in S China, Death toll in Indonesia's capital floods rises to 43, 390,000 displaced, In pics: Yongxing School on Yongxing Island of Sansha City, S China. So why doesn't the pungency get in the way of those who are passionate about luosifen? The Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen (Pickle Flavor Noodles) contains a noodle packet, sour bamboo shoots packet, soup base packet, peanut packet, bean curd packet, and chili oil packet. You get to taste the snail flavor that is prominent in the soup base, along with some notes of peanut. Workers pack instant river snail rice noodles at a factory in Liuzhou, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jan. 2, 2020. Famous for their pungent smell and taste, luosifen, or river snail noodles, are a specialty of Liuzhou in southwestern China. A pack of instant luosifen contains dried rice noodles, soup concentrate and classic toppings. You can then add whatever extra ingredients you want. The sourness of the bamboo shoots compliments the noodles well, and you can alter the flavor of the soup with fresh vegetables, meat, and spices.