However, things weren't always so easy for Eminem and Shady Records. It’s not that I’ll never mess with a label again, but when I do, I’m going to need to have the leverage necessary to make the relationship one that is fully reciprocal in a way that I feel good about. This post will be moved to the correct forum… conspiracy. The information has been out for years about the secret 1991 meeting between 25-30 rappers, record owners, and people involved in the Private Prison Industrial Complex where the rappers were signed to secrecy about the agreement to fill up the private prisons thru GANGSTA RAP MUSIC. We can’t look to either party for nothin. 10 Lil Wayne (Young Money Entertainment) Formed by legendary rapper Lil Wayne way back in 2005, Young Money Entertainment has … We enjoy having a black mayor, a black police chief, black county sheriffs, and blacks in Congress in my city because we voted, and it doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but had their opponents won things definitely would have different. I was just thinking about it. But it just became a point where it was like, “I just think this is the best thing for me.” The way I need to move and knowing how much work I’m going to put in and knowing I want to see all this return and knowing what it means to be in a label situation and what I would need to be happy in one. Music. First of all, shout out to them because they helped me build a lot of shit. Who could forget the pinnacle of the infamous & bloody West Coast-East Coast hip-hop rivalry? If you build a fan base, there’s a way to make real money with loyal supporters. I believe God made us all volitional beings with the power of choice, and I believe He said He set before us good and evil but for us to choose good. Yah is a righteous judge. HipHopDX: You’re independent again after leaving Sony Music. They keep on searching for new talents to be able … If you decide to stay away just be safe out here. It feels like this post attempts to blame the Israelites that fell in love with Egypt for Pharaoh throwing the kids in the river and you would be right… but it was the Israelites as an entire nation… who for years had disrespected TMH in a variety of ways. Unlike the traditional hip-hop label Roc-A-Fella, Roc Nation is more of an entertainment agency, and more diverse in genre. It was not always perfect at times, but I never had to sacrifice any of my core values really, and even in parting ways, they were super amicable and just want to see me win. It wasn’t Joe Biden locking up black people, it wasn’t Joe Biden selling black people crack, and it wasn’t Joe Biden selling black people rap music influencing them to commit crimes. Yah is still slapping me around for that from time to time. And still kind of keep the curation on the outside of the different pieces I give to the world at the same time. Excellent breakdown of that theory. I feel like you have much to offer, but follow your path wherever The Ruach leads you. Perhaps Biden is a scumbag, and perhaps Harris is a sellout, and perhaps Trump does have appeal to some black people, but we as black people have a voice and we have the power to vote, and what I’ve seen and learned is that of the two major parties its the Liberals that have stood with our people when we fought for our civil rights, our voting rights, our affordable healthcare, our fair housing, and many other issues that benefitted our communities. Stream his latest project below, Tampa Bay Rapper Hits The Studio With Two People Then Reportedly Murders Them, Lil Wayne Salutes JAY-Z's 'Vol. He later expanded GOOD Music by discovering Detroit rapper Big Sean in 2007, Kid Cudi in 2008, and Mos Def & Pusha T in 2010. Here are some of the biggest names that have either started their own labels or gone entirely without. One person who’s already done that is Marlon Craft, who left Same Plate Entertainment (a joint venture with Sony Music) to be an independent artist again. I’m sorry but this isn’t about me pushing a weak leftist agenda, or being on the Democrat plantation, its all about CHOICE. Read the book “Pimp” and it explains the black Democrat mentality… Democrats slap you in the face, give you a bandaid, and y’all act like they’re great because they gave you a bandaid… but let’s not forget that they slapped you first. The group released their debut, Aftermath-free album, Devil's Night, in 2001. I researched that Crime Bill sir, and I read about what the Liberals wanted and what the Conservatives wanted. How can I can give it to them? Wayne deserves all blame tho that boy never made a record that did anything but make me sin Lolol. I encourage you to go listen to the latest YouTube upload from @teotw and consider what I just stated. I’m a staunch independent, and I can appreciate your perspective on getting relief as we do our bid. Years after escaping Death Row, Dre's Aftermath Entertainment emerged as one of the best labels hip-hop has ever seen. Truly love you Brother. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Welcome Home Israel › Forums › Conspiracies › CONNECTING THE RAPPERS, RECORD LABELS AND PRIVATE PRISONS. The cycle goes on and on, and that's what keeps hip-hop culture alive. As far as Democrats and Republicans, I see two major political parties that are used by the plutocrats and social engineers of this world to bring about their world order. Didn’t Fifty Cent say he was voting for Trump and he didn’t care if Trump didn’t like black people? Published on: Oct 22, 2020, 5:00 AM ... Because it’s still, on its own… Peace my brother. Placing the vid I mentioned above here for ease of reference: Hey BlackGold that’s very deep. If you wanna be gullible… please be gullible… but stop spreading your Democrat poison here… The Democrat party and their ideology are contradictory to TMH and his word… and only the ENEMY would intentionally embrace ideology opposed to the Bible… which means Democrats cannot be trusted at all as a black man and as a believer in TMH, Meshiach, and scripture. Record labels are always on the lookout for new singers, rappers, bands, producers and in general, artists. Almost every rapper who's already made a name for themselves feels the urge to form their own, giving birth to up-and-coming artists. HipHopDX: Has The Center empowered you as an artist? So, I got love for them over there and I’ll say that off the rip. So if you can’t be HONEST about the Democrats and their trash party actions… please refrain from posting here. Did you research that Crime Bill? I’ve been the victim of their lawlessness, so I speak from experience. A note that should sober any believer in TMH… Biden may become the first catholic president to ever have a full term of influence over policy in the history of this nation. No pity. This means the democrats have a mandate to kill you… just like the republicans do. Without rap I wouldn’t be here today. Next… I never said you “lied”. Why did Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Fiddy, and others oppose Biden? With help from Paul Rosenberg, Eminem took no time to launch Shady Records after the successful release of The Slim Shady LP in 1999. I believe in voting so this site is not for me. I’m never one to speak in absolutes or generalities because people do that a lot on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to labels and business. Even after Roc-A-Fella Records went defunct, Jigga still has a fantastic portfolio with Roc Nation. After he signed 50, he eventually caught himself in the middle of a longstanding war of words (violent, sometimes) between his protege, 50 Cent, against Ja Rule and his Murder Inc. If you say you got the Spirit of truth, then truth should be all that matters, right? They all eat from the same wicked pedophiles hand that stands atop the pyramid. CONNECTING THE RAPPERS, RECORD LABELS AND PRIVATE PRISONS. I don’t discourage you or anyone from voting if they felt moved to do so. That 1994 Crime Bill was definitely in response to a rise in crime because of the crack epidemic and our people can’t seem to take responsibility for their own actions. 3.'. I think that’s an exciting avenue for artists right now.