Most nut trees prefer a rich, deep and well drained soil. Most of our bare root fruit trees are only $24.99! It is a shame that nut trees are so rare in Canada as their nuts are a delight. Prohibited to AZFrom France, Marsol nuts are large in warm summer areas, and medium-sized in cooler locations, v... Castanea crenata/pumila x mollissima 'Szego' Korean Pine nuts are larger than most other species. The nuts are smaller than Chinese or Japanese Chestnuts, but we find they are more tasty than the others. Planting them at an optimal distance (see the description for each of them) they will be filling  1.5 acres. Welcome to Nutcracker Nursery & Tree Farm! This and its golden fall leaves make it a gorgeous looking tree. Crack black walnuts and other hard shelled nuts with this heavy duty tool. If you were to buy the trees of this package individually, it would cost you $1700. Outstanding features of this bush type of hazel is that the leaves in the spring are a deep purple and extremely large leaves. Limited supply. Look forward to next season with a good supply to be available not only for the commercial crop but other areas of sales for farmgate, farmer markets, home usuage, etc. Such big nuts from a "small" tree! Through many different climatic zones testing I now introduce the following: which joins the following car109,car198,car267, car399,car401,car404,car410. It is refleshing to  know how you support this worthy cause. Prohibited to AZ 0 item(s) SKU Item Quantity; You must refresh the page to see newly added items (519) 669-1349 . The Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) is a fast growing nut tree. They can be used in salads, pesto sauce, and other... more, Northern Red Oak is a medium-sized deciduous tree. Pronounced pruh-COACH-a mi-GOO-lay. Our nut trees do more than enrich your landscape. Welcome to our new website! Our Chestnut as started to fruit 3 years ago, is isolated from other Chestnut that could carry the disease and we are super excited to offer you this new species! We proudily introduce 2 new selections of hazelnuts hybrids tso add to the collection listed below. We guarantee our bare root trees will leaf out by May 15th! USDA Prohibits shipping chestnuts to Arizona. Listed below is a brief history on hazelnut introduction into Canada as a commercial crop. For each species, you will find a short description of the tree. The seedlings that we produce have shown hardiness in our climate. Blight resistant. From walnut to hazel, each nut tree is grown from a hardy Canadian source nut. The increase of agritourism and the popularity of regional products are a great way to develop a nut tree orchard. 0 item(s) SKU Item Quantity; You must refresh the page to see newly added items (519) 669-1349 . 4 - 8"           sold out12 - 18"       $20.00 ea, Tree type of hazelnut, originally from  Jack Gellatly in British Columbia (source India).. The hazelberts and plum trees are doing very well, very hardy plants compared to other nurseries. We are now closed to orders for fall shipments, as we have already reached our full capacity of order preparation for October 2020! 10 - 20"     sold out. Large growing tree with bark turning to a whitish colour as tree matures. The package can bu adjusted to fit your needs; Walnuts are interchangeable and Bur Oaks can be changed for Swamp White Oak if you prefer. Most were isolated trees from different areas. Fruit large, sweet cup oddly whiskered. Bamboo Plants; Berry Plants; Flower Bulbs; Flowering Trees; Fruit Trees; Grape Vines; Nut Trees; Palm Trees; Shade Trees; Shrub and Hedges; Wildlife Plants; My Account; Ty Ty Apparel; View Cart; Toggle navigation. The Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery grows fruit trees for the Northern climate of Canada. The only surviving member of an ancient order of conifer-like trees that covered the earth... A heavy producing grafted female selected in Salem, Oregon by Lucile Whitman. USDA Prohibits shipping chestnuts to Arizona. This hazelnut bush is very similar to our zone 3 hazelbert, but its nuts are of much bigger size. You'll love this trees' rustic and natural appeal, making it an excellent specimen tree.