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Let me start by saying out of the 3 lights I have here to review. DEMO mode will cause the light to switch OFF after 30 seconds (no matter which mode one is in) whereas DAILY mode does not have this shutdown timer. Christmas day is a special day for all of us. These port cover can be bought for cheap. NOTA: utilizzando la modalità DEMO se riattiviamo la torcia entro 3 secondi dal suo spegnimento automatico, attiveremo temporaneamente la modalità DAILY quindi la torcia non si spegnerà più in automatico ma dovremo spegnerla noi manualmente, ma attenzione, una volta spenta la torcia tornerà in modalità DEMO alla prossima riaccensione.

The milled body looks and feels extremely solid, and very high quality.

This is number one for throw lol. If you do this, you could very well break your light and will definitely void your warranty., [Back to Top]     [Home]     [Privacy Policy], Best EDC between Fenix PD36R or Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K, [Review+Teardown] Nitecore TIP2 - 720 lumen keychain light, 2*XP-G3, micro-USB, magnetic quick release.

With the LED used, the beam is more suited for recognising items in the up-close and near distance only. With that in mind, TLR tend to view mode spacing as battery life indicators (amount of runtime left) rather than the specific output (lumens). Torcia ideale per tutti i giorni, da portare sempre con se attaccata alle proprie chiavi, che può essere utilissima in svariate situazione vista la sua estrema versatilità. directly. I am not sure how they do it well Nitecore say its because of there Advanced temperature regulation but I think its black magic. It does look like the solder points on the top right are sitting a bit high and may come in contact with the body of the light - it's anodized inside, but I would have preferred for that edge of the PCB to be tucked in like the lower edge is, just to avoid any unwanted shorts. Nella parte frontale troviamo i 2 LED CREE mentre nella parte posteriore troviamo il cappuccio con clip metallica, chiuso magneticamente,  tirando con forza riusciamo ad accedere all’ingresso per la ricarica.Intorno alla torcia troviamo una clip da cintura in plastica rimovibile. La torcia è dotata di 2 pulsanti progettati e programmati in modo da rendere il funzionamento della torcia il più semplice possibile. Well one of the best. An attempt for parts "terminology guide with pictures" for newbies! I think you need to do some weeding in your backyard. No other compensation was provided. Pressing the mode button quickly flashes the small LEDs, which display the amount of battery power. The Nitecore TIP is what the Nitecore tube should have been. Maybe some one can chime in? Dimension: 62.6mm (length) x 13.4mm (height) x 26.9mm (width) [excluding clip], Weight: 38.3g (including Battery & excluding Clip). Still struggling with my firstworldproblem of 2 second press to ON and no shortcut to Moonlight but other than that this is the ultimate 5th pocket light. Once that was out, I could remove the switch covers and the silicone gasket sealing water out of the light. The Nitecore TIP2 (or Nitecore TIP 2) is the second generation & replacement of the previous Nitecore TIP 2017 model, with dual LEDs and magnets.

To access this mode, you must hold down the tiny mode select button, the entire time you want it to shine that brightly. Tra i 2 pulsanti troviamo 3 minuscoli fori che ci indicheranno lo stato di carica e ricarica della batteria. From Left to Right: Nitecore TINI, Nitecore TIP2, Nitecore TUP, Nitecore HC65, Nitecore HC33, Nitecore MH12GTS and Nitecore MH25GTS.

The TIP2 is Nitecore's latest high output keychain light.

Holding the TIP2 in your hand, it does feel about the size and weight of an average modern car key fob, maybe a couple ounces heavier. All of the beamshots taken below are done so with the following camera settings (LOW: 3.2 sec, F3.5, ISO100, 5000K WB, MID: 1 sec, F3.5, ISO100, 5000K WB, HIGH: 1/3 sec, F3.5, ISO100, 5000K WB, and TURBO: 1/6 sec, F3.5, ISO100, 5000K WB). Fastest way to get all the necessary information for any product.

Christmas day is a special day for all of us. There's not much of a seal to keep water away from the port, but Nitecore states the light is IP67 water resistant. To open the light up, I first removed the two T4 screws holding the switch place in. Small size, magnet disconnect and clip/hat mount work wonderfully . Mi piacciono molto le sue dimensioni, ha una potenza davvero interessante per essere cosi piccola e leggera, la batteria interna per me è utilissima, non devo preoccuparmi di compare altre batterie ricaricabili, l’indicazione della carica residua mi aiuta tanto, cosi posso capire che ho necessità di caricare la mia torcia prima di uscire di casa. Chinese e-shops Batterry Shipping Policy per Country.

The strong magnets have no issues holding the light in place. I love the Nitecore TIP and i would highly recommend it! Got two ordered. Nitecore TIP left and Klarus Mi7 right HOLD (MODE) [~0.5 sec]  – Direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO. The built-in battery might seem as a major disadvantage to some but it helps decreases the overall size of the flashlight. All in all, NITECORE put a lot of thought into refining their TIP light to create the quintessential keychain flashlight.

Replies to my comments That is a crazy price for what you get! Questa torcia frontale è dotata di batteria interna, ricaricabile tramite cavo microUSB, la batteria in dotazione è da 500mAh un compromesso perfetto tra leggerezza, ingombro e durata. with sugru), but there's not much we can do with screw's threads (they are at the bottom -red at TIP Winter- part) and USB charging port place. Tailcap is held in place by the 2 pieces of strong neodymium magnet and enables the TIP2 to be quickly deployed from a keychain attachment and be used as a flashlight instead. This 500mah battery gives you a max run time of 46 hours in Nitecores imagination lol.

The only thing that held me back from buying these for all my family members was the fear of getting a version 1 model that would die on them all the time.

It would be just water resistant I think we could fix this issue pretty easy by just covering the USB port. Scanning the QR code with your phone/tablet on the box’s back would bring up the Nitecore TIP2’s product page.
Now I know all you moon light lovers just jizzed your selves. Overall I challenge you to show me a flashlight that can compete with the TIP? Coupon: GIFTDEAL Price: $16.59. Its like a Christmas card i guess lol. For this light, a guesstimate would be in the 6500K and 70CRI ballpark. The light measures 58 mm long (including the cap, but not including the keychain loop, 25 mm wide and 13.3 mm thick. I really like the inclusion of a Low power. Two XP-G3 emitters behind a custom TIR optic are what's used for this light.

It's also nice that there aren't any strobe modes making things difficult. You may think I am joking but I am serious. If your any where in the northern hemisphere the Jizz goes with the Christmas decor lol.

La nuova Nitecore passa da 360 lumens della TIP prima generazione a ben 720 lumens con questa fantastica TIP2, raddoppiano infatti i led, TIP2 utilizza 2 LED CREE XP-G3 S3 capaci di emettere un’intensità massima del fascio di 2.160cd e un lancio massimo di 93 metri.
This is however, not as noticeable in real life.

It’s waterproof, shock-resistant, super-bright, pocketable and rechargeable, which ticks off all the requirements for a truly essential flashlight in my book.