Being a light weighted scooter, the Yamaha Mio i 125 is very easy and ergonomic to ride for daily urban duties. I like how it well it incorporates the styling elements of a modern scooter without being too bland like an underbone. Traction is very good even on wet and slippery roads. The handlebar positioning means you’ll be seated very much upright, and the wide seat’s comfy enough for short stints. Buy ORIGINAL YAMAHA SPEEDOMETER CABLE FOR MIO MXI 125, SOUL I 125, MIO I 125 online at Lazada philippines. The Yamaha Mio i 125 runs on 70/90 R14 front and 80/90 R14 rear wheels. The front headlight surround and the grab rail at the rear look stunning. It does not heat... Yamaha Mio series of automatic scooters have been quite widespread in the Philippines market. 125 cc, 9.3 hp, Kick & Electric, Gasoline, Yamaha Mio i 125 Engine & Fuel Consumption. The popularity of automatic scooters in the local market is ever increasing. The scooter features a 4-Stroke, forced air-cooled, SOHC, 2-Valve, 125cc engine. I am very sure Yamaha designed it to be a stylish model rather than an Corner Hermosa St., Gagalangin Tondo, Manila, Manila. METER PANEL AND ECO INDICATOR. The Yamaha Mio i 125 dimensions are as follows - Ground Clearance: 135 mm , Height: 1035 mm , Length: 1870 mm , Width: 685 mm . The bike is sleek and stylish in terms of appearance. For daily rides to school and late night runs to the local minimart, the Mio is a practical choice. Find a specialist and have him rebuild the engine. As other thing... How to make scooter faster - Tips for increasing speed of scooter, CBT (compulsory basic tarining) before riding scooter on road, Some things that we should look before buying a scooter. The 125cc four-stroke engine of this scooter generates ample power for all my needs. The filter is one of the cheapest components of a 125cc motorcycle but one of the most important. The Mio’s hold on the public’s collective consciousness can be attributed to the scooter line’s immense popularity, thanks to its ease of use, fuel efficiency, style, and reliability. Your review will give better insights of motorcycles, Everytime I look at my Yamaha Mio i 125, there is just one expression I make, and that is in praise of the design. At the front, the stylish headlamp along with the turn indicators give a commanding look. Read More, This bike will stun its viewers with the black base and stunning look. One-of-a-kind easy grip design. In addition, the fuel injection system makes for an improved fuel economy. the unique construction increases passenger’s comfort. The Mio i 125 has a seat height of 750 mm. It pushes out a maximum power of 9.38 hp and the peak torque is at 9.6 Nm. Additionally, it uses roller rocker arms for smoother engine operation. Read More, The Yamaha Mio i 125 was a gift to me from my dad as a remark of me passing my university exams with first-class marks. The little storage cubbies next to the ignition are useful for storing small items as well. YAMAHA Mio I 125 Motorcycle Xspeed Mags For Mio/amore/mio I125/msi 125 Xspeed Mags New Evolution For Mio Sporty/Mio125 2017 Yamaha Mio I 125 Motorcycle. The dual toned color with black as base color has added an attractive But how do you improve a scooter that’s already flying off showroom floors? These conditions are totally not ideal for trying to conserve gas. The fact that adds to its beauty and elegance is the sharp, edgy and Get the best exchange deals on your Motorcycles. Very stylish features, Low maintenance, Fuel efficient with its fuel injection system and very comfortable seat. It is a decent scooter for short city rides, but when it comes to long runs, the scooter runs out of tank range, which is limited. This slick styling certainly makes the S look more premium when compared to its colorful brother. The “Eco Indicator” lights up when the unit has achieved a quality pace. This makes it look not so bare-bones for the price at which it is being offered. You can use this bike as an excellent commuter for day to day rides. When forgetfulness strikes, this is helpful to spot the Mio on a crowded parking area. This comment has been removed by the author. Actually my scooter have problem of speed. Actually my scotter also have problem of speed. Caution must be taken after upgrading the performance of your 125cc motorcycle. Mio i 125 top competitors are Click 125i, BeAT, Mio Soul i 125 and Mio Sporty. The Mio’s brakes provide just enough stopping power for its engine, and ABS isn’t available. Ride quality is comfortable enough on well-paved roads, but when I’m making my way down the side roads of Taft and Makati, the budget suspension makes sure that my spine feels exactly how many bumps I rode over to school. High Quality Display that allows a clear view of the instrument panel. If you want to be fast, focus on your abilities instead of worrying about dropping another ounce of weight or adding power. Here asre some things that we should look before buying any scooter or moped specially first time. Read about how to buy a used bike here. Motorcycles with 125cc engines lack top speed compared to larger displacement engines. The engine comes back to life once you’ve squeezed the throttle again. The S only comes with two paint schemes, and both of them are varying degrees of monochrome. Increased acceleration and top speed also increase the the chances of bodily harm in the event of a crash. You can buy a nice suspension setup from a brand like Race Tech or, if you’re on an older and cheaper bike, just buy the front end off a crashed GSX-R and swap it for the front on your SV650 and call it a day. The color schemes of this bike have added a touch of royalty that may easily make you a Very informative and quite easy to navigate! Except the presence of a key shutter mechanism pitched as a safety feature, there is no other standout modern feature which makes the Yamaha Mio i 125 a scooter of the current generation. The Mio i 125 comes with Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes. Speaking of the suspensions, there is a telescopic fork unit at the front, while the Unit Swing unit is present at the rear. Motorcycles with 125cc engines are light, so less weight is on the tires during acceleration, which could cause the tires to slip while accelerating if the tires do not have proper tread. M-SHAPED GRAB BAR. I have found your tutorial very helpful. Whereas I’d get a full tank of fuel for my Kawasaki Ninja every other week, I only had to get a full tank once for the Mio during the whole time I had it. Call around or ask the guys are your local dealer or mechanic shop for who they recommend with your specific brand of bike. The seat cushioning is something that we cannot complain about and provides adequate comfort to the rider and the pillion. Not only Mio i 125 has managed to grab the attention of the customers, it has also managed to keep the sales figures increasing over the years, giving hard time to its close competitors like Honda. And the changes made go way-beyond from a fancy sticker. Please enter the 4 digit code sent to your mobile. The Mio i 125 is powered by a 125 cc engine, and has a Variable Speed gearbox. I never experienced that so it really helps me to know what exactly to do before start making my scooter more faster. The engine oil tank capacity of Yamaha Mio i 125 is 0.84 L . Yamaha also realizes that there would be many of these scooters in any parking lot, making it very difficult to find yours. Regards, from Scooters 'N Chairs. Over 30 users have reviewed Mio i 125 on basis of Features, Mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance. If you are changing the oil, also replace the oil filter. Easy driving and cruising experience throughout traffic without any hassle of getting late. Port and polish cylinder heads, which allows more air to flow into the combustion chamber of your engine. The Yamaha Mio i 125 has a seating height of 750 mm and kerb weight of 94 kg. But if value for money is what you are looking for then Yamaha Mio i 125 may prove to be a choice of a wise. The upright riding position doesn’t help either, and the front fairings in front serve more to shield the rider's legs from water and mud than perform any aerodynamic function. Aside from the passive benefit of the Start & Stop System, the Mio also encourages you to actively save fuel with the green ‘Eco’ light that comes on when you’re riding at an economical pace. The maximum power output of Yamaha Mio i 125 is 9.3 hp and the maximum torque is 9.6 Nm . IN short, the design is funky and in-line with the taste of the Millenials. If your 125cc motorcycle air filter is dirty, spray it with cleaner or replace with an oiled aftermarket filter.