Provost D. Brown, one of eight children of Abraham J. and Mary (Provost) Brown of Brownsville, Middlesex County, New Jersey. For the most recent research on this area of the Eldorado National Forest, refer to Brown, Linton A., “Memories of South Fork and Gerle Creek Ditches and Old Loon Lake Dam, El Dorado County, California,” Linton A. It is marked accordingly and unless you know what you are looking for it is all but impossible to find. Virginia had three sisters. This union resulted in two more children born October 2, 1879, Phillip D. and Effie N., born February 19, 1882. These ruins could possibly have been an earlier cabin belonging to the Deller family or some other early user of this very beautiful meadow. There after till the concrete bridge was built in ’63, cross creek traffic returned to the natural ford South of both bridges about 100 feet. Reviewing the original Eldorado National Forest Map of 1916 shows this old ranch still listed as “Gerles.” Later, the historic ranch was returned to the Wagners, who referred to it as Wagner Bros., Wagners and or Wagner’s Cow Camp. I had another foreman, Ray Ellis, who had the 10-man fire crew. The following description is provided by Erwin Gudde…………”The mountain is labeled Mckinstry’s Mountains on Bowman’s map(1873), and M’kinstry peak on sheet 47-D of Wheeler’s atlas. Gurley (misspelled), for drawing a rifle on James Smith, took place in Justice McLains court last Saturday. We started at Wentworth Springs, hitching a ride with Joe Hacker in his Jeep, who carried us up somewhere around Spider Lake and dumped us out where the road got really bad-we started hiking, passing Buck Island Lake on the way to our first night’s camp at Rockbound Lake. Here are some 1973 pictures of Francis Cow Camp, picturing my wife Pat, sister Karen looking over the historic cabin and the ranch site including the original cattle loading ramp made of logs…….Pic#1,  Pic#2,  Pic#3, I recently obtained a copy of the Georgetown Historical Walking Tour Brochure which includes a wonderful illustration of AA Francis’ Georgetown home 1880 which is on Church Street in Georgetown. William H. Murray was married to Kate Murray born 1878. For additional historic pictures of the Riverton Hotel, see “THE WIRGHTS LAKE STORY,” The Historical Committee of the Wright’s Lake Summer Home Association, 1962/1994, pages 63 and 64 for three early 1920’s pictures of the hotel, including some of its riverfront cottages along with a picture of the stone highway  bridge across the South Fork of the American River. He eventually retired in 1897. They didn’t have much faith in a widow and a wet behind the ears kid of 20. Allessandro’s father Joseph returned to Switzerland where he died at age 68, leaving his son alone in California. Not to be deterred, he got into the freight hauling business from Sacramento to the mines at Long Bar on the Yuba River. The pilot, Irwin Hunt,  was a famous young dare devil pilot who lived in Woodland and barnstormed around the country. Samuel Q Forni was the father of Virginia (Forni) Bassi, wife of Giosue (pronounced Jisuway) Bassi who was the owner and builder of what is now the Upper Bassi. Virginia died in child birth at the ripe old age of 24 leaving Gisoue with three small children. The property and the Schein family built cabin and outbuildings , remained in the Schlein family till it was received by the Forest Service in 1944 via a land swap This property was used by the CCC as well during the late 1930s and 1940s.Here are several pictures of Schleins taken in 1964, picture 1,  2., and  3. Jock Ellis had a dairy on the West side of  Ellis Peak for many years before he gave it up to shift to raising sheep. Bixby Lake is currently the part of Loon Lake behind the Francis Fill Dam. This did not work out and was only tried one Summer season. The Mueller picture of the 1940’s shows the bullet hole in the bottom of the sign which by the time of this photo, had been removed from the tree and attached  to a post.