The government has finally announced the results of the 2018 public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act – and, surprise surprise, the number of transgender people who responded is dwarfed … However, analysis found that a significant number of cis people answered it and so the number of responses “should therefore not be used as a reliable estimate of the proportion of consultation respondents who were trans”. In Scotland, where the parliament is consulting on moving to self-identification, women’s groups and trans organisations have promised to work together to find consensus. Our litigators, trial attorneys, and transactional lawyers guide clients through every problem, finding solutions at every turn. As Laura explains, “The reforms have loads of cross-party support. “I’m usually the protester,” said one woman, emerging from the scrum. There are all sorts of assessments to undergo,” says the Labour MP Jess Phillips, who sat on Miller’s committee and has previously worked for Women’s Aid. When she was in Minister for Women and Equalities, Penny Mourdant was incredibly committed to pushing forward.”, So it seems the GRA reforms have support across all of parliament, as Laura says, it’s just “a case of getting it published.”. “We’ve got the law and there is good reason why it’s there, but the law doesn’t mean anything if nobody’s using it. “I want to be able to engage, even if sometimes I’m going to hear things I don’t like. Worryingly, the proposed reforms have been met with resistance from certain ‘gender critical’ campaign groups like Fair Play for Women. If you go to the post office to pick up a parcel, there's something on [your ID] that somebody else is seeing that’s misrepresenting you as a person. Only the chanting protesters outside gave the game away. We know that many trans people find the current requirements overly intrusive and bureaucratic. Download the consultation document HERE (English version). They wanted to discuss bodies and biology without being told that mentioning vaginas excludes women who don’t have them. “It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I was a lesbian. “As a trans person, I don’t want my rights or protections to be based on feelings, because people don’t believe it. While the Oxford meeting heard poignant stories about schoolgirls feeling unsafe sharing gender-neutral toilets with boys (ironically the meeting’s venue had unisex toilets), sealed cubicles, locks and other design features may go a long way to avoid any anticipated friction. They have to do this, otherwise they could unwittingly unleash an abusive or violent lesbian on their female partner who is seeking refuge. They may tolerate it. Neither the Government Equalities Office nor Ministers were approached for comment on today’s coverage. This involves a panel of medical and legal experts who decide whether to legally recognise your gender. You’ve accepted all cookies. Woman’s Place formed last autumn out of a conversation “literally around a kitchen table”, according to teacher and co-founder Philipa Harvey, between a group of friends – trade unionists, academics, lawyers and others – worried that they had nowhere to debate freely. In 2019, we plummeted to seventh and were awarded a score of just 65% (0% being a gross violation of human rights, 100% being respect of human rights and full equality). Closer reading of the 186-page report reveals several clues as to the small proportion of trans voices in the data. Trans and non-binary people are members of our society and should be treated with respect. Thank you to everyone who responded to the Gender Recognition Act consultation. There was a mother worried about her daughter potentially sharing a tent on Guide camps with trans girls who might still have penises, but anxious no trans child should feel excluded either. 0300 200 3343. ‘It’s held against me that “you were raised with male privilege”, but I was beaten up all the time for being effeminate. 0300 200 3343. “Say you're going from school to college and want all of your exam certificates to be issued with the right gender marker, or you want your university application process to be as smooth as possible. In practice, refuges will increasingly consider trans women’s cases on merit, and Twocock says many survivors’ services have been quietly trans-inclusive for years. The Gender Recognition Act, effective September 1, 2018, would remove the requirement that an applicant have undergone any treatment, and instead would require a legal attestation that the change is not for an improper purpose. in law. Liz Truss’ announcement on Gender Recognition Act reform has been largely met with disappointment by leading LGBT+ rights groups. How business and human resources professionals handle such situations may have legal repercussions and serious consequences. “This is really difficult to explain but by asking to be treated by society in the same way that they would treat a woman, I feel more comfortable,” she says.