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Whitehead Institute is a world-renowned non-profit research institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research., Hidden Markov models used to discover GCNA orthologs.DOI: GCCs then initiate either oogenesis or spermatogenesis in response to gonadal cues. structurally complex regions across the sex chromosomes of several vertebrate Histological analyses of Meioc-deficient adult testis and ovary.

We must challenge ourselves to address how our scientific research institutions can help address the clear racial divide. To study the mTOR pathway and other signaling networks, the lab has also developed a new type of microarray that allows scientists to look at thousands of genes at once and identify their roles inside the cell. We inferred such... Chromosome missegregation into a micronucleus can cause complex and localized genomic rearrangements known as chromothripsis, but the underlying mechanisms remain unresolved. In each tissue, we identified hundre... Cancer genomes are frequently characterized by numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities. (XLSX). Here we developed an inducible Y centromere-selective inactivation strategy by exploiting a CENP-A/histone H3 chimaera to directly examine the fate of missegregated chromosome... After birds diverged from mammals, different ancestral autosomes evolved into sex chromosomes in each lineage.


Here, we examined cells undergoing meiotic initiation in mice, and we found that initiation involves the... Amplicons-large, highly identical segmental duplications-are a prominent feature of mammalian Y chromosomes. Our Contacts. Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. In contrast to theories that Y chromosomes are heterochromatic and gene poor, the mouse MSY is 99.9% euchromatic and contains about 700 protein-coding genes. GCNA homologs Spartan (DVC-1) and Wss1 resolve DNA-protein crosslinks (DPCs), including Topoisomerase-DNA adducts, during DNA replication. David Page Fertility across metazoa requires the germline-specific DAZ family of RNA-binding proteins. UBE2J1 is one of the well-characterized E2 enzymes that participate in this process.

Page served as Director and President of Whitehead Institute from 2005-2020. A subset of targets and non-targets, identified via RIP-Seq and enrichment analysis, were verified via qPCR of the same P15 RIP samples analyzed via sequencing (N = 2). We must also challenge ourselves to have the difficult conversations about race and gender issues within our profession, our laboratories, and our Institute.

Only verified researchers can join ResearchGate and send messages to other members. DAVID C. PAGE. David C. Page is a Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Professor of Biology at MIT, and an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Samples A are IgG IP from wild-type lysates; samples B are MEIOC IP from wild-type lysates; and samples C are MEIOC IP from Meioc-deficient lysates. University students and faculty, institute members, and independent researchers, Technology or product developers, R&D specialists, and government or NGO employees in scientific roles, Health care professionals, including clinical researchers, Journalists, citizen scientists, or anyone interested in reading and discovering research.

Let us join together in this cause.David.

As scientists, this should be a time for self-reflection as we hear the troubling statistics about the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color.

Education. Percentage of tubule cross-sections containing preleptotene (pL), leptotene (L), zygotene (Z) and pachytene (P) cells in P15 Meioc -/- and control testes. 77 Massachusetts Ave, 68-132 | Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617–253–4701

unresolved. These 'cell microarrays' contain 4,000-10,000 microscopic spots, each composed of a group of live cells over- or under-expressing a specific protein, allowing for ultra-high throughput loss or gain of function screening. We reconstructed gene-by-gene dosage sensitivities on the ancestr... Mammalian X and Y chromosomes evolved from an ordinary autosomal pair.

We find that the absence of Dazl impairs both expan... Little is known about how human Y-Chromosome gene expression directly contributes to differences between XX (female) and XY (male) individuals in nonreproductive tissues.

Here we integrated a centromere-specific inactivation approach with selection for a conditionally essential gene, a strategy termed CEN-SELECT, to systematically interrogate the structural landscape of mis-segregated chromosomes.