UnderMajorDomoMinor Wed 03-Oct-18 18:49:05. I think second-day Chinese is actually better somehow. The rice in your chinese will already have been reheated when they made egg fried rice (it's always made with pre-cooked rice). If you are heating on cooking stove, stir fry it by adding a splash of water, oil or butter and cook it till it is not mushy anymore. Share with Tangle Teezer - £100 voucher to be won. (may cause immediate death, but very unhealthy) Neither do you boil the tea for long. "We are behind on our target," said Mr Swannell. Question/Help. I think the problem people are having is that there is a serious lack of information concerning this topic on the internet and I can understand why. The good news is that you can store your cup of tea in the fridge overnight. Cold tea tastes nice and a lot of people like cold coffee too. ':' Kareena Kapoor Explains Why It Doesn't Matter Anymore, 11 Best South Indian Curries You Can Try At Home, Can Eating Chocolate Make You Smarter? This is page 1 of 3 (This thread has 63 messages.). Consumers should reheat their cold cups of tea and coffee, a leading Government watchdog has said, in bid to cut back on the £12 billion of wasted food and drink thrown away every year. Of course! Only you can decide if you want to reuse tea leaves the next day. Its latest snapshot indicates that £400 million less food and drink is being thrown away on an annual basis than in 2007. I would, but not the rice. One of the main reasons why people throw food and drink away is a lack of awareness. It will do you no harm. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For hot-brewed tea, it is recommended that you don’t keep your tea in the fridge more than 8 hours. As a result we end up with tremendous amount of leftovers. Here is a quick guide to how many cups of brewed tea each of our serving sizes makes. Consumers are throwing away too many discarded cups of tea and coffee, fizzy drinks that have gone flat and fruit juices past their best-before dates, said Wrap, the Government-funded waste watchdog. Yes! Be the first to hear about exclusive discounts, brewing and tasting tips, new teas and special offers - starting today! A cup of white coffee creates more than 0.15 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, compared with about 0.03 kg when reheating the cup of coffee. Now, obviously biryani lovers like us would never even consider tossing it out, but reheating and eating it next day does not quite feel the same. I might add a shot of espresso because I’m hopelessly addicted…but either way I’m sure it would be amazing Loose Leaf Tea. (Although to be honest I have always just kept mine in the microwave overnight.. never been ill off it either ), Yup. So I am going to give you our official stance on the subject and then I will tell you what I personally do with my used tea leaves. The problem with answering this is there are some sticky health issues involved with it. You’ve just steeped a perfect potful of this tea … (Also Read: Indian Cooking Tips: Ever Tried A Riceless Chicken Biryani? That standard is a little on the paranoid side. I always reheat leftover Chinese the next day and now I also want a Chinese. Spread them out in as thin of a layer as possible on a flat surface. We’ve all probably faced the tea reheating dilemma: Do we reheat a cupful that’s cooled or not? Place the tea leaves in a room that has a lot of circulation, my kitchen happens to be an open kitchen so this works well for me. Avoid things like cupboards or cabinets and especially refrigerators since they will slow the drying process. (Even the rice ) I only recently woke up to the possibilities of reheating takeaways, having previous always ordered too much and then eaten too much. If I was to remove the filter and just add boiling water to the tea, would that work or is bacteria or something a concern? You don’t know that the Chinese made it fresh today, or whether it’s a couple of days old and already been reheated. The cost-benefits are there. If you want to learn more about us, chat with us or see what we are up to then check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. The advice about re-heating drinks has raised eyebrows among tea connoisseurs. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Another point of note, shared by Good To Know UK, if you’ve bought your tea (or any hot drink) don’t reheat it in the takeaway cup. This subreddit is for discussion of beverages made from soaking camellia sinensis leaves (or twigs) in water, and, to a lesser extent, herbal infusions, yerba mate, and other tisanes. Reply. Most of the increase has been caused by Wrap for the first time calculating the amount of drink poured away. The combinations of water with the hot tea leaves can cause bacteria to grow that can make you feel pretty terrible. No because… Cold tea is actually quite a pleasant taste. If you are willing to eat leftovers after their “expiration date,” then you may be willing to use your tea leaves a day later. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. You don't need a cast iron stomach to eat leftovers the following day, doesn't everyone do that? If you don’t like your tea so much that you have to make it warm to disguise the taste, why drink it? No need to seal to seal the edges, doing so will ensure that your rice retains moisture. The one thing I ask a lot of people is, “Do you throw away leftover dinners after 3 days?”  That is essentially the same issue here. Oh no, I just eat it cold, yum.My teenage daughter has a part time job in a Chinese takeaway so I get it free every Saturday night. This means the tea can be as old as 3 days. ", Reheating cold cups of tea could save £100 million a year, Wrap said, Starmer can't give an inch in his fight to the death with Labour's hard-Left, Car crashes into gate of Angela Merkel's office in Berlin, Oxford v Pfizer: how costs and logistics could still see Oxford's vaccine win out, Women's Super League dominates 2020 Best Fifa Football Awards shortlist. The food and drink being thrown away equates to 15 per cent of the average family's shopping basket. SHIPPING: $4.95 FLAT RATE - FREE OVER $55 - FREE RETURNS, Question: What is the best way to dry a tea before consecutive steepings for storage until the tea is used again. The Microwave. Reheating and eating biryani next day does not quite feel the same. Bacteria thrives on both moisture and heat, both of which teapots help to contain. Re-heated tea is poisonous. In these instances, I have developed a bit of a system to help minimize the risk of bacteria for teas I leave overnight. Press J to jump to the feed. Yes, you heard us; bid adieu to the sticky and clamped up rice, these reheating hacks will ensure you have the best biryani-eating experience each time you decide to dig in. But anything in batter like pork balls will probably go a bit soggy... but I think noodles are actually better the next day! I only drank 2 glasses. I freeze it and take it to work as a microwave lunch. Windering if I pop it in the fridge woukd it be ok to reheat for tea tomorrow? And if we reduce carbon emissions, that's a good side effect.". (Also Read: 15 Best Biryani Recipes | Easy Biryani Recipes), If you are reheating in microwave, it is a good idea to add 1 tablespoon water for each cup of rice, break the clamps with a spoon and heat till water is absorbed.