It is a product of WRL Foods, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 which is a privately-held company. I live in California, I have had no issues with the quality of the product or the flavor. Shrinkage is determined by measuring the length of the bacon both before and after it is cooked and calculating the difference.

These nitrates also have the side effect of fixing bacon's bright pink color and providing some of that characteristic cured flavor. Jard to chew and even if you go through the packages to find the best looking. You left ‘pickles’ out of the lyrics though. It was sliced in a way that made it look as though the machine, or person, slicing it was blind, had no regard for good slicing. The ends were a good 3/8 inch thick. The first month is Hickory Smoked Bacon, the Second is Apple Cinnamon, and the third is Raspberry Chipotle.

And for products like the new McDonald’s Big Mac Bacon, the answer is, “Well, you should read the rest of this review.” If you’re a person who’s unfamiliar with the Big Mac, it’s (everyone say it with me) two all-beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. This edge is then angled and displayed in a way to make the consumer think they are getting a great package of thick, meaty bacon. No other bacon comes close to its flavor !! Customers should be aware that when ordering perishable products, timely acceptance of delivery is important. YOU HEARD ME they looked like the type of screws that are in Eye wear glasses.. very tiny. Great thought.Ordered 5 lbs of bacon and true very fresh and thick.Ran into disappointment as bacon not cut evenly therefore cooked improperly. The last time I bought one package, when I got to eating the last 3 strips of bacon, in ONE strip alone I found 2 small screws. I would never buy this product. When I first started buying it, it was all good. It’s a long overdue twist on a classic that doesn’t get many twists, but this twist doesn’t make it a better Big Mac to me. I measured each type of bacon inside of its packaging first, then after I had laid out each specimen on the pan I placed the measuring tape at the end of the pan to show the scale of the width of the pan in comparison to the bacon. This does well to keep the meat fresh as well as mask the abundant pork fat you are buying. Join a community of thousands of bacon lovers to receive my weekly email. I fairly regularly buy BIG BUY bacon in the 48oz. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One of the biggest names in the business, Smithfield, was not available at my local store, but then I learned that Farmland is actually one of several brands owned by Smithfield. Great taste like bacon was years ago! Please monitor your tracking number and plan accordingly. I thought it disgraceful seeing the word “Bacon” on those packages. Right here: So does bacon make the iconic Big Mac better? The same goes for the other varieties that I tested.

These nitrates also have the side effect of fixing bacon's bright pink color and providing some of that characteristic cured flavor. Loved the comparisons and I learned a lot about bacon! At one time the big buy bacon was decent in amount of meat on the bacon and flavor. It is exactly as Marie says except mine was 80% fat – not a hint of any meat.

Flipping over the bacon package will give you a clear view of an entire slice (if not the whole package) of bacon revealing how fatty it really is. You can cure bacon by pressing the dry cure into the meat, brining the belly, or injecting a brine directly into the meat. I have to cook a whole pack to feed 3 people. Compare Reviews for Top Bacon Brands ... salt is a big part of what makes bacon so tasty, ... customers can buy the company's bacon at health … to put it bluntly, Big Buy Bacon is a sham as to what bacon should be. Suggestions or requests? This is absolutely the worst bacon I’ve ever tried and I say tried to eat. After all, it’s just bacon with a Big Mac, which you can custom order. There are 5 of us, and when I make breakfast, (or breakfast for dinner), I have to make AT LEAST 2 lbs. I give away free stuff like bacon swag and even real premium bacon each week! Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. The bottom 2 slices looked great. Terrible.the whole bacon package was almost all fat.I want my $ back. My family LOVES the Daily’s Big Buy Bulk Bacon (#3297) and theQuincy Gold Loose Shredded Hashbrowns (#2418)! Flavor? Thank you for sharing. Today my husband opened a package of bacon that was darned near all fat-barely any meat to go with all the fat. I bought two packs yesterday because it was a bargain sale $2.78 for a pound. We will gladly replace your order if it does not arrive in awesome condition! Pizza. Well, that day finally came and the results were…interesting. :Lucky for me I did not bite down real hard when eating the strip or I would probably have swallowed them.. Crazy stuff. I do not like their product that has the cracked pepper corns, but have enjoyed the regular product for several years. Wow – really impressed with the scientific level of analysis you’ve done here. However, even if it is the cheapest in the store, I refuse to EVER buy Big Buy Bacon ever again unless they get there heads out of where ever there at and do the bacon justice as it should be done. At one time the big buy bacon was decent in amount of meat on the bacon and flavor. In the early days of Bacon Scouts I was pan frying some of my bacon, but I found that can lead to inconsistent results and is much more time consuming than baking it. The fat-to-meat ratio is an eye test. Required fields are marked *. Too much fat in bacon means low quality bacon.

At a cost of around two dollars per pound, I find it to be a fair value. If a bacon is really salty, it will be fairly obvious very quickly. Not much meat, lots of fat, and yes, I love the fat too.

Yes there is a little extra fat but it fries up beautifully. Today my husband opened a package of bacon that was darned near all fat-barely any meat to go with all the fat. I also am deeply disturbed that you forgot the pickles. A robust bacon will leave an unforgettable impression. Suffice it to say, there wasn’t a single bacon that any of us wanted to keep eating from this competition, but it was not a total let down. My reason for looking for info on bacon is that I feel Haggen Stores brand bacon is the best but I do not have access to their grocery store since they closed in Oregon and only operate in Washington. Hi Deb! Wish i could buy it here in Texas. But here’s the thing regarding the limited time availability: You can get the Big Mac Bacon long after it’s taken off the menu and you could’ve had it all this time. If this had a better balance between the bacon and the Big Mac, I’d probably like it more than I do.

Where can I buy the very best? The strips are cut in a way so that one edge is the meat. Well, because I ordered a Big Mac with bacon this way before the Big Mac Bacon was officially available. Forget Energy Bars – All You Need is Bacon. Notice that the way it is layered emphasizes the meaty side of the bacon in the picture below. It really is the best bacon by far…and the price reflects that there is a little more fat, but boy is that good also! Whoever makes it should be ashamed of the product, and Grocery Outlet should be ashamed to sell it.

The shrinkage test takes place in two parts: before cooking and after cooking. It was packaged and cut in such a way that it looked like there was some meat but it’s literally 95% fat. of the bacon and half a bag of hashbrowns.

Therefore, the pre-cooked measurements that I use are from when the specimens were laying on the pan and not the measurements from inside of the packaging.
The rest looked like the had cut it with a dull hack saw., Incredible Things You Never Knew about Bacon, Finding the Right Food Gift for a Bacon Lover, 3 Secret Health Benefits of Bacon for Men, How to Store Bacon So it Retains Its Deliciousness. This is the kind of bacon my father says runs away from you. Is freezer burnt or something it stinks when you cook it . I measured each bacon by four major characteristics: robustness of flavor, saltiness, shrinkage, and fat to meat ratio. They should be ashamed to sell this garbage. I have been searching online for the company that packages this brand and have had no luck, I kept the screws and will go back to the store so they can speak to whomever they buy it from. I will never buy your brand again. You forgot the pickles. I bought 2 Cases of what you called bacon.This was purchased at Ridley’s in Pocatello Idaho for their Case lot sale. I’m going to drown my sorrow into a Big Mac. It was packaged as if the “bacon” was simply tossed into the packaging as it was twisted around and the ends were folded under. The most egregious example of this is Oscar Mayer. Have you been able to find the company’s contact info? With the current Bacon of Month Club that we have in stock, it is exactly 3 pounds of bacon each month for 3 months totaling 9 pounds. The WORST bacon I’ve ever bought in my life. Lets get started.