It is worth 20 points and can be received for: Unveil all sub-regions of Greece. Comment: This trophy regards the punishment system for committing crimes. Note: trophies section includes spoilers. Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew. Commentary: Detailed description of how to unlock this achievement can be found on a separate section of this guide. It doesn't matter what piece you upgrade and what engravement you choose. Using various resources that you have found throughout the game will allow you to upgrade your ship's various sections. How to unlock: Mount Overpower attacks with all available weapon type. In the initial stages of the game, you can seduce Odessa by saving her in Kephallonia and completing her quests while visiting Megaris. Once done, you will undertake many quests around the surrounding islands. In order to recruit an opponent, the main protagonist has to maximally weaken him and then stun him with e.g. Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 2 DLC Trophy Guide, The Fate of Atlantis: Episode 3 DLC Trophy Guide, Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide. Comment: Each active ability (e.g. No matter how you approach this, during this encounter, you will receive the Nikolaos's Sword, which is a legendary gold item. The meeting with Pythagoras takes place in the last big hall (picture 2) and he commissions the quest "The Gates of Atlantis" from finding the artifacts of the First Civilization (searching for artifacts is no longer required for the purpose of achievement). There are plenty of opportunities for you to get a Legendary piece of armor/weapon. After weakening the region, go to the identified leader and get rid of them. Accept new quests and complete the consecutively. How to unlock: Hire only elite, legendary lieutenants to Adrestia's crew. Toward the end of Megaris after participating in the Conquest Battle, you will confront. You'll find out who they are and what their intentions are. Mount the attack for each category of weapons (sword, dagger, spear, etc.) It's very imperative to pick the option that has a heart. Discover and take part in a period of neverending struggle between the Spartans and the Athenians as Alexios or Kassandra. You unlock a new legendary engraving every time when you get a legendary weapon (you can get them as loot or by completing quests or killing Cultists). Underwater points of interest will be noted by a wrecked-ship icon on the map. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide by In your ability tree, you will notice a lot of abilities that can be upgraded up to 3 different stages. The beginning of the chain of quests starts on. You will also find out about the elusive Cult. Each of them has to be visited in order for the game to consider them discovered. How to unlock: Complete 20 quests in Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis Islands. Comment: A detailed description of how to unlock this trophy can be found in a separate section of this trophy guide. How to unlock: Recruit a legendary character and assign it to do work on the ship. Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands. Comment: The instructions on how to "recruit" legendary lieutenants can be found in the description of the You Work for Me Now trophy. In order to perform an Overpower attack, you need to have at least three portions of the adrenaline bar filled. They tend only spawn in, During Sequence 2, you will get your ship and you'll be allowed to recruit a Lieutenant. Acquiring 5 legendary pieces of armor is more time-consuming. Just start killing everyone in your way. To reach higher tiers you have to hunt down and kill high tier mercenaries. The arena is located in the Southeastern corner of Greece on the island of. How to unlock: Complete the Daughters of Artemis storyline. Commentary: A detailed description of how to unlock this achievement can be found on a separate page of the guide. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Discover and take part in a period of neverending struggle between the Spartans and the Athenians as Alexios or Kassandra. ... Hermes's Homie. How to unlock: Complete the first chapter. Initially, there is only one lieutenant slot available. Recover the Cyclops's eye from a goat on Kephallonia. Weaken one of the smaller regions in the game, i.e. Conquest Battle whilst fighting on the Athenian Side.