Turn - EMU Sent - ISPUR (he sent) Spirits - GENII • Chronicle of Early Kings [4], The Assyrian dialect of Akkadian is particularly rich in royal inscriptions from the end of the 14th century BC onward, for example the epics of Adad-nārārī, Tukulti-Ninurta, and Šulmānu-ašarēdu III and the annals which catalogued the campaigns of the neo-Assyrian monarchs. Black - SALAMU (to become black) Weep - BAKU Included in this group are a number of fables or contest literature, in varying states of preservation, such as the Tamarisk and the Palm, the Fable of the Willow, Nisaba and Wheat (kibtu), the Ox and the Horse (Inum Ištar šurbutum, “When exalted Ishtar”), the Fable of the Fox, and the Fable of the Riding-donkey.[18]. Female - SINNIS • Fable of the Riding-donkey If you just care about the words' direct semantic similarity to akkadians, then there's probably no need for this. Tablets - EDUBBA (house of scribal tablets) GIBIL = One of Fire • Namburbi Heart - LIBBU • Enuma Anu Enlil . • Maqlû Instead - KIMA (instead of) Nurse - SUD, O • Epic of Gilgameš As (or like) - KIMA [3], There were libraries in most towns and temples; an old Sumerian proverb averred that "he who would excel in the school of the scribes must rise with the dawn." Dragons - TAMMABUKKU (from the Land of Mas) Seer (prophet) - NABU Lost - HALQU Concubines - SINNIS.SEKRETU Pig - SAHU Spread Out - SUPPARRURU • Tamarisk and the Palm Daily - UMISAM The Essenes held views close to those of the early Christians. Heavens - ANZU (he who knows the heavens) KIENGIR = Land of the Lord of the GIR They - SUNU Ticks & Gremlins | • Tašritu hemerology IGIGI = Those Who See and Observe So it's the sort of list that would be useful for helping you build a akkadian vocabulary list, or just a general akkadian word list for whatever purpose, but it's not necessarily going to be useful if you're looking for words that mean the same thing as akkadian (though it still might be handy for that). The instructions were quite explicit: “As soon as the nose is uncovered no further examination need be made, for the Tanach (Bible) refers to ‘all living things who have the breath of life in their nostrils.’ ”. Edin Na Zu = Go to the desert! Mulla Xul = Evil Devil • Autobiography of Marduk • Poor Man of Nippur Spirit World - LA'ATZU • New year ritual-Akitu procession • Šu'ila • Šumma liptu One did not pray to improve one’s prospects. Kings (of) - SARRU/I Watering Place - MALTITU • Ludlul bēl nēmeqi The notion of a resurrection of the dead has a more concrete evolution. Light - SUMMU NURA (they are deprived of light) Scented House - ERESH Ear - UZNUM Sent - ISPURAM (he sent to me) Oil - IAZU (one who knows oil; physician) • Recipes against Antašubba Until - ADI Direction - GUG (direction determining) Crown - AGU or AGA Bestow - TALAMU (to bestow on) Bright - MELAMMU (awe-inspiring luminosity) Learn - LAMADU (or to teach) “A Dialogue between Šūpê-amēli and His Father” (Šimâ milka) is a piece of wisdom literature in the manner of a deathbed debate from the Akkadian hinterland. Thigh - PENU Lord of - BEL Bowl (reed) - KUNINU Going - SITU (going out) [12] Exemplars of omen text appear during the earliest periods of Akkadian literature but come to their maturity early in the first millennium with the formation of canonical versions. Male - ZIKAR Executed - DAKU (to be executed) • Adad-nārārī I Epic A series of fifteen neo to late Babylonian Chronicles have been recovered which narrate the period spanning Nabû-nasir (747–734 BC) to Seleucus III Ceraunus (243–223 BC) and were derived from the political events described in Babylonian astronomical diaries. Wood - ISU In the Gilgamesh epic, the aging folk hero, haunted by the prospect of his own death, sets off to visit Utnapishtim, who, with his wife, was the only mortal to have achieved immortality. Ship - MAGURURNUABZU (ships for the ores of the ABZU) Drawing on the traditions of Sumerian literature, the Babylonians compiled a substantial textual tradition of mythological narrative, legal texts, scientific works, letters and other literary forms. Telal = Wicked Demon (Warrior) Warrior - ETLU • Enûma Eliš Bear - NASU (verb, to bear) So for example, you could enter "akkad" and click "filter", and it'd give you words that are related to akkadians and akkad. Or - U LU Ocean (abyss) - TIAMATU Attacker - GUDANNA (Anu`s attacker) Hunter - SHARUR (supreme hunter) He - SU Ghosts - BU'IDU Born - MUMMU (one who was born) If your pet/blog/etc. Second Gate - SANA BABA The word nefesh originally meant “neck” or “throat,” and later came to imply the “vital spirit,” or anima in the Latin sense. Confine - KALU • Šar Pūḫî • Kedor-laomer texts Regions - KIPRAT ARBA (the four regions/races) Six - SESSUM Hire - AGARU Serpent - AZAG (great serpent) Lady - BELETI If you don't find what you're looking for in the list below, or if there's some sort of bug and it's not displaying akkadians related words, please send me feedback using this page. Wine - ISKARANU Erset La Tari = Land of No Return